Stayonpoint Network

It used to be that tattoo shops were considered rough places only available for the underworld of society. But as body modifications have become more mainstream and a large section of the population has at least one tattoo. This has finally began to change. At Stayonpoint Tattoos, we are dedicated to the art of not only tattooing but providing each client with a unique experience they will remember for the rest of their lives. We are commited to our work and surpassing your greatest expectations. This is the way our art, expertise and reputation extends throught the NYC area and even the rest of the country. The Tattoo community these days is widespread and at Stayonpoint, we have built a large network and often have some of the best artists from all over the world stop by to do guest spots in the shop. We also offer very professional piercing, organic tattoo removal, which is not laser. It does not carry any chemicals or acids at all. Our product is made from 100% Natural Extracts, Natural Oils and Seasalt. It is 100% safe and organic. Its the safest method for tattoo removal. We also have very sophisticated computers set and built for the very busy Graphic Designer or Video Editor. We provide a very trendy, artsy, clean and professional location for the person that needs to put in time to edit and create video or graphic designs. Welcome to Stayonpoint Tattoo Shop, an artist network where all artists meet. We accept walk-ins and appointments, which we do recommend consulting and booking ahead of time. Our goal is to provide a safe, comfortable, yet friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which to get your new piece of art.

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