About the Artist

About The Artist: D-boi

Some artists can draw, some just trace, but only a select few can create. His talent allows him to see his masterpiece before its done. A true visionary who is passionate in any piece he works on. His name is Danny, but is better known as Dboi.

Dboi has always played with a pencil and some paper, and always had a passion for drawing. As a teenager he began barbering and showed a talent for it. By the time Dboi was 17 he was working fulltime in a barbershop and quickly gained a huge clientele base. He made a name for himself with his creative style, but soon that wasn’t enough. While he loved being everyone’s favorite barber, he wanted a bigger challenge for himself.


Permanent designs on someone’s skin is the ultimate form of art. After careful consideration and the support of his friends, family and clients, he chose to follow the road of body art.. He invested his time and money into tattooing starting in 2008 and hasn’t looked back. Dboi thrives for success and takes pride in the work he does. Always wanting to learn more and looking to expand his involvement in the tattoo world in 2012, Dboi started attending in national tattoo conventions. He has participated in tattoo expos in Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Detroit and most recently won 2nd place in a Dia De Los Muertos contest at the Urban Tattoo Convention in Brooklyn , NY. Since his exposure across the country and making his name known Dboi will always live TATTOO LIFE. Stay tuned because you’ll definetly be hearing more of him.

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