Established in 2008.

Stayonpoint tattoos was started in 2008. Dboi is the artist and owner of operations. It was more a hobby for him back then.  As a natural artist he loved to draw and create since young, he would later go on to become a pretty well-known barber, doing designs of all sorts and clean sharp haircuts.  To then getting into tattooing where he has escalated rapidly in all areas of the tattoo business. his artwork has won him several awards not to mention all the beautiful cities he’s been to carrying the name “Stayonpoint Tattoos”.

Dboi nyc tattoo artist

 Tattoo conventions are one more thing in the yearly agenda. Dboi travels state to state with tattoo conventions where you can catch him in a city near you. If you are in the tri-state area you can catch him at the new and improved Stayonpoint Tattoo Shop. Where thru his blessings has made great acquaintances and connections to bring different artists in different fields to combine and work together under one roof, being the Stayonpoint network

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Tuesday-Sunday 2 pm- 10 pm

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