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First and foremost , our deepest condolences to the family and friends of George Floyd. His death was an awakening to a new world and we would like to believe he is in a better place resting in peace.

The past 2-3 months we have been under quarantine rules to help prevent the spread of this corona virus that is still affecting all corners of the world. During that time there has been multiple incidents where some kind of racism would occur in different parts of the world which ended up leading to this tragic event.

George (Big Floyd) Floyd was killed by a cop who applied pressure to his neck while being restrained by several policemen. There was no need for such force. He was killed in broad daylight and the situation sparked an immediate demand for change…

No matter what color or race you are. This situation will affect all our will impact the way our futures are shaped and will surely shape our kids future. This is a time to reflect on knowledge and awareness on the situation because worst thing you can do is not know. Teach our children the meaning of and how to handle racism, teach them to love not to hate. Teach them better for a better future.

So we are definitely living some serious and historic times. Due to the murder of George Floyd and no immediate arrest of the arresting officers the people raged into the streets… started in Minneapolis where the incident happened, people started looting , breaking into stores and damaging everything in sight. Starting fires in different spots, also burning cars and setting buildings on fire. The madness spread out to many other cities accross the USA rapidly including NYC. The people had enough and kept rioting .

Now that protesters made a strong presence and the looters caused mayhem . There was an announcement that all four officers are being charge and the main one is being charged with second degree murder..

Officers who were involved in the murder of George Floyd.