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Tattooing during Covid-19

First off, welcome to our updates were we speak of all things tattoo culture and our related services. We wanted to start this blog ever since we redesigned our site. Giving the online community updates and learning more about us as a local business and a crew who became a big family! Here we will speak on some real topics impacting or influencing the services we provide. As of now the studio has been closed since March 21st due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As humans we will survive as we always do but this unforeseen event does leave some of us in uncertain circumstances.

Our tattooers have been finding ways to create art not on skin but on canvases and more. We always appreciate the support you give us and we will leave the links to our artists so that if you wish you can support by buying some ART from them! All our current appointments have been on hold to reschedule until further notice.

We are still taking inquiries and appointments but as of now we cannot set any dates till our government updates us and gives us a date of reopening our business. We still have gift certificates available for those interested. Please contact the studio via email to find out more information. Our multi-media services are still running so if you have any projects in mind and would like to know how we can provide assistance in creating for you shoot us an email. We will be definitely working with price budgets etc if you have one because we understand the struggle especially during these tough times. But hey us new yorkers are known for our tough skin right!? Now is the time for all of us to reflect and grow in the best ways we can and we want to help you with that.

We can’t blame ourselves all we can do is make light of the situation and find ways to keep busy and prosper. Hopefully next blog we can let you all know a date of reopening until then stay in the loop with us via social media. It’s a time for us to relax for those who haven’t been able to or start knocking out that list of goals we’ve been sleeping on. Here’s a link to a dope motivation video that actually was shot in Astoria Park!