All Tattoos are done at a fixed price Custom and Large scale pieces are done at an hourly shop rate of $150-$200 per hour depending on the artist in our studio. The studio has a minimum of $80. A non-refundable deposit is required for all Tattoo Appointments/Service. This deposit goes towards the cost of your Tattoo Design/Service. If more than multiple sessions are required the deposit will go towards the LAST session of completion. You must be 18 & older to make an appointment for tattoos NO EXCEPTION. CANCELLATION POLICY:  For ALL TATTOOS AND TATTOO REMOVALS. The deposit can be forfeited if you don’t show up for your appointment set w/o rescheduling no more then 48 hours.  If you change your mind on the design set at the time of the consultation and decide to go with another image. Canceling on a tattoo/tattoo removal appointment more than twice will result in the loss of your Deposit, no matter how much notice. TIME SENSITIVE APPOINTMENTS CANNOT BE RESCHEDULED. This policy is meant to ensure that you are as dedicated to the completion of your Tattoo/Service as we are. Also if you are not 18 & older and you made an appointment for TATTOO you will forfeit your deposit. Thank you and we’re looking forward to working with you. 

Appoinment Form

Fill out the form to make your appointment or consultation with our artists/technicians! You will receive an invoice via email to leave your deposit! All appointments/consultations must be confirmed via email/phone.