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Started back in 2008. As a true New Yorker Stayonpoint tattoo studio showing a lot of strength and durability. So much persistence, where a solid name was built. Surviving Covid and still maintaining as a growing business. We have elevated from a local street shop to a private professional tattoo studio. Where the artwork speaks for itself , the customer service is always applauded and the professionalism is outstanding. This is words from our own clients because we give you the most as we walk through the process with you.
Where many others lack we excel.
Our abilities have grown and our dedication to growth has been relentless.. We appreciate all inquiries. We respect all designs and tattoo ideas that any client may have but Our time has become more and more limited. We are now declining certain artwork that can be done by any artist. Which gives us an opportunity to clear up space for clients who are working on sleeves, leg sleeves, large coverups and other multiple session type of artwork. We are dedicated to keep bringing out the best in all artists that have and will work at this location. We take great pride in being consistent with keeping up our standards so we are trying to keep a strict portfolio full of more intricate artwork demanded by our growing clientele. As we bring the phrase to reality “ quality over quantity “. .. in this new Millennium ..
Ink is fashion and STAYONPOINT is the name!
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42-17 35th Avenue
Long Island City, NYC 11101
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