Tattoo Aftercare

After we have completed your new tattoo, it is very important to care for it so it will look perfect. Tattoos generally take about 2 weeks to heal, although it may differ depending on each person’s immune system and the area the tattoo is placed. Here are StayOnPoint Tattoo’s instructions for healing:

Leave the bandage on for 3-4 hours. Unless our Artists apply Saniderm bandage onto your tattoo.
When you remove the bandage, ensure that your hands are thoroughly clean. Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo.
Use plain, unscented soap and wash tattoo gently but thoroughly with your fingertips. DO NOT use a washcloth, loofah, or paper towel as this will irritate the skin further. Your tattoo will feel slightly gooey. This is plasma and is completely normal. Wash thoroughly with unscented soap until it no longer feels slimy. Do not place another bandage on your tattoo afterward, it needs to breathe!

Wash your tattoo 2-3 times daily. Do not over wash! You will dry it out and irritate the skin.
Once your tattoo starts feeling dry begin applying a very thin layer of tattoo ointment. Be careful not to apply too much, too often.
Your tattoo will get itchy. DO NOT pick or scratch at it. This can cause scarring which will damage the end look of your tattoo.
DO NOT take baths, go swimming, or submerge your new tattoo in any kind of chlorine/ocean water for at least 2 weeks. Submerging a fresh tattoo in any kind of water will result in scarification and improper healing. It is best to take showers and let the water softly fall over the area, being careful not to soak it. Always gently dab, not rub, with a disposable paper towel or a very clean towel to dry.
Make sure to avoid pet hair, wear clean clothes and make sure your sheets are freshly cleaned.


A&D is an ointment geared towards healing open cuts and wounds NOT TATTOOS. At most times it will actually not let the ink heal/sit well because it treats the tattoo ink as a foreign entity. A&D does not allow the tattoo to breathe during the healing process and can delay or hinder healing.

Neosporin (and any other triple antibiotic ointment) is designed to heal a wound, not a tattoo, and often pulls ink/pigment out of your healing tattoo — Especially if used improperly. It is important to understand that healing a tattoo must be treated differently than healing a wound. Your body’s job is to remove debris embedded in a wound to help prevent infection. But with a tattoo, you want this “debris” in the form of tattoo inks and pigments to remain in tact where it was so carefully placed.


There are different companies that make and sell tattoo aftercare products, some work very well some don’t. H2ocean, Tattoogoo, and Hustle Butter are few tattoo aftercare products that help the ink penetrate while at the same time healing your skin. But you are not gonna find them at your local pharmacy you will be able to find them in your near by tattoo shop.

TOUCH UP POLICY: (If situation occurs when there is a retouch needed then this applies.) Tattoos that are charged more than $500, every artist (residential/traveling) is responsible for up to 1 hour free retouch valued at $150. Tattoos that are charged no more than $500 are granted 30 minutes free retouch valued at $80. Except lip and finger tattoos.