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Resident Artists


Stayonpoint tattoos was started in 2008. Dboi is the artist and owner of operations. As a natural artist he loved to draw and create since young, he would later go on to become a pretty well-known barber, doing designs of all sorts and clean sharp haircuts.  To then getting into tattooing where he has escalated rapidly in all areas of the tattoo business. His artwork has won him several awards not to mention all the beautiful cities he’s been to carrying the name “Stayonpoint Tattoos”.

  • Black and grey woman skull face portrait brooklyn ode
  • Cesar planet of the apes portrait
  • Realistic Black and grey tattoo baby portrait
  • Black and grey lion hand tattoo portrait
  • Custom black and grey clock and rose
  • The Crow tattoo portrait black and grey
  • Custom black and grey roses and name coverup tattoo
  • Black and grey feathered wing forearm tattoo


Deanna is a professional tattoo artist & a local from queens. She has been passionately tattooing for over six years. Deanna adds a balance to our team of tattooers! She is great to work with and has books of her own custom designs she would love to tattoo for you! Deanna loves to get creative and enjoys tattooing with colors. Enjoys a new school feel with her own interest in anime and comic book art as she contributes to the culture and provides service to a fast growing demand for her style and artwork. She’s available Wednesdays through Sundays at Stayonpoint. Want to check out more of her work? Click the button below!

  • Gohan and Trunks dbz black and grey tattoo
  • green goblin alex ross spiderman tattoo nyc
  • Pokemon tattoo Gyarados water pokemon tattoo by Deanna
  • Japanese style tattoo by Deanna
  • Danny Devito Always Sunny in Philly portrait tattoo


Ana is our resident artist , she has been involved in the tattoo industry as a tattooer for 5 years. Ana is another well rounded artist tackling all your favorite American traditional artwork to some neo-traditional to a beautiful ornamental style. Due to her fine lines and penmanship with a tattoo needle she keeps busy supporting a high demand for her very skillful and detailed tattoos. She’s available during the week and weekends at Stayonpoint. Want to check out more of her work? Click the button below!

  • Geometric Wolf tattoo design by Brazilian tattoo artist Ana
  • Traditional Boxer Lady tattoo by Ana Hilario Brazilian Tattoo artist
  • Whip-shaded rose delicate tattoo design by Brazilian tattoo artist Ana
  • Blackwork tattoo feminine design by Brazilian artist Ana


  • Sir-Twice-Calligraphy-Lettering-Tattooing-NYC
  • sir twice jesus piece tattoo tattooing in NYC
  • sir twice lettering fineline
  • Black and grey tattoo portrait sir twice
  • Calligraphy tattooing sir twice in NYC
  • sir twice bob marley tattoo portrait black and grey
  • hand tattoo amor sir twice lettering tattooing in NYC
  • lettering sir twice NYC chicago


October 21st – 27th

Chicago based tattoo artist well-known for his fineline black and grey lettering and portraits. Booking now!


December 3rd – 8th

Texas based tattoo artist specializing in both black and grey and color realism/portraits. Now booking.

  • TIP TATTOOS Nipsey Hussle tattoo portrait
  • Tip Tattoos Portrait BNG greekroman
  • Tip tattoos king tut tattoo portrait
  • Tip Tattoos eye pyramid rose tattoo piece
  • Roses and rosary tip tattoos
  • Tip Tattoos Portrait BNG Jesus piece

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